Becoming an Enlightened Investor: Removing the Fog of Wall Street by Reliving U.S. Financial History (Signed Autograph)


Becoming an Enlightened Investor helps investors improve their investment decisions by expanding their knowledge of financial history. The book begins in 1790 with the innovative programs of Alexander Hamilton and ends with the return of inflation in the Post-COVID-19 era. Each chapter teaches key economic concepts and investment principles by explaining them in the context of the most relevant historical events. A small sample of teaching points include:

  1. Financial impact of pandemics and the precedence for post-pandemic inflation
  2. The Great Inflation and the role of monetary and fiscal policy in causing and ending it
  3. The dangers of peacetime deficits and America’s growing debt burden
  4. The role of a central bank and the perils of an unregulated financial system
  5. The unique competitive advantages of the United States and the factors driving its rise and potential fall as a global empire
  6. The principles of market efficiency and the durable benefits of index funds and simplified asset allocation
  7. Flaws of the investment advisory profession and why retail and institutional investors tolerate them

Readers of this book will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental forces that have shaped financial markets over the past 230 years and continue to shape them today. Market shocks, panics, manias, and frauds will no longer seem surprising, but will instead arrive with an eerie familiarity. It is my hope that individual investors, trustees, investment advisors, and policymakers will use this book as a reference to improve investment decisions for themselves and those they serve.

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